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Tips for a Quick House Sale

When selling your house through a quick house sale firm, you not only need to be well informed but also have a proper understanding of how this kind of sale works. If you have decided to sell through a quick house sale, here are some tips to guide you through the sale:


  • Carry out an independent valuation – You will do well to get a valuation from three independent estate agents is a great place to start as it will enable you determine whether any offers you will receive from quick sale companies is fair.
  • Check the quick house sale company’s credentials – You need to find out if the quick house sale company is a broker and id they profess membership to the Ombudsman Services: Property and The Property Ombudsman. If a company says it is regulated by an official body or has signed a code of practice you need to go a step further and check for yourself.
  • Negotiate – You should not shy away from negotiating the price or even the terms.
  • Get the terms in writing – It is important that you do not rely on verbal assurances that you cannot follow up should need arise. Besides a written agreement is binding.
  • Do not make a rushed decision – It is important to take time before making a decision. Do not make a rushed decision.
  • Have an independent legal adviser – Although quick house sale companies will offer you a legal representative of their choice, you can opt to have your independent legal adviser to guide you.
  • Read the agreement and understand – Refrain from signing the agreement unless you have fully understood what it is that you are agreeing to. Therefore, ensure that your legal adviser clarifies everything that may not be clear.
  • Stay clear of long tie-ins – The reason for opting for a quick house sale is to dispose your property is so that you can sell fast. A good estate agency contrast lasts between 8-15 weeks. Therefore, a quick house sale contract should be shorter than this period.
  • Be honest – It is important that you provide accurate information. Refrain from the temptation of leaving out important things even if they could result in a reduction of the price that you have been offered.
  • Request to see the survey – In the event that the company reduces the price offer, you need to ask why. You may then go further and request the findings of the survey. A fair dealing company will provide this information freely.
  • Avoid committing too early in the process – You need to avoid signing the agreement until all the surveys as well as legal checks are done and you have received the final offer in writing.

In case, you have any problems with the quick house sale company, you can raise a complaint with the company so that they can investigate and resolve your complaint. If they are unable to deal with it, you can refer the matter to the Ombudsman Services: Property or The Property Ombudsman who will address the issues raised.