How to Get the Most from Estate Agents

One of the reasons you will opt to sell your property through an estate agent is to be able to sell your property fast without being defrauded. You may also be motivated by the need to achieve the highest price for your property albeit within a short time.

Even then, you should not be blinded so much by the need to sell to forget that the estate agent can do for you so much more. Simply put, it pays to know how you can make the most of your estate agent to maximize your chances of landing a quick or an effective sale in any given transaction.

freehousevaluation_209Here is how to get the most from your estate agent:

  • Get at least three valuations – Before determining the selling price of your property, you will do well to ask for valuations from as least three estate agents. Keep in mind that they might not give you the same value.

Ultimately, desist from the temptation of going with the agent with the highest valuation, as it is not necessarily accurate.  Endeavour to check the sold price of properties that are similar to yours that sold recently within your area. This way, you will avoid having the property up for sale when it will obviously deter buyers.

  • Be sure to check the property details – Once you have agreed on the terms of contract with the estate agent, it is important to ensure that you look at the photographs as well as other property particulars that the agent is putting out there.

Where possible, they need to ask you to check these details and offer an affirmation or clarification. Most importantly, interrogate the quality of the photos taken.

  • Get ready for viewings – The majority of estate agents will always have prospective buyers ready therefore, they may begin conducting viewings sooner than you expect. You may want to give your estate agent an extra set of keys to that they access the property even when you are away.

However, if you opt for this then you must ensure that the house is extremely clean and tidy, as this will maximize the chances of a quick, successful sale.

  • Stay in constant communication with the agent – You need to stay in constant communication with your estate agent to ensure that they are managing the sale process well. You will also do well to seek advice on the issues that may come up such as the request to take the property off the market upon acceptance of an offer by a potential buyer.

Most importantly, let the estate agent check and be sure that the buyer is serious. This is because some buyers will put in multiple offers with the aim of buying time.

  • Keep track of the progress – It is important that you be in the loop about what is happening at every stage. Most importantly, you need to find out why it is taking too long to identify potential buyers and ensure that the estate agent is chasing just about everyone.

Thus, you need to work in partnership with the estate agent to coordinate bank valuations, solicitors and surveyors among other things. Most importantly, they should let you know if there are any problems that need to be solved.

Overall, you need to ensure that you have a healthy relationship with your estate agent in order to get the most from them. Always keep in mind that the estate agent is working for you hence they are accountable to you and must be able to take instructions you give to help sell the property fast.

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